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Fish Processing


Yes, we take care of it all!  Quality Processing is the name of the business that handles all my clients' fish.  They are locally owned family operation dedicated to the service of charter fishing clients. They do the best job in the business.  Their fish handling and customer service are second to none.  They meet the boat each day to off-load our filleted, cleaned, and chilled fish. They process it in their custom made plant immediately. 

All fillets and or steaks are cut into two person portions unless otherwise specified, then rinsed, and vacuum sealed in 5 mil professional grade bags, each labeled by species.  Next your catch is blast frozen, stored until your departure, and finally delivered to you at the airport in an airline approved, foil insulated, wax-coated box that is labeled for transport.  This service costs $1.75 per pound.  You are charged only for outgoing weight of the boneless, skinless fillets.  Airline or Fed-Ex shipping is also available upon request. Prices vary. 

Bon Apetit!